Author: Jamie Walker

AstraZeneca-Corporate Strategy Assessment

Introduction: This report aims to critically evaluate the corporate strategy of AstraZeneca (a well-renowned British-Swedish-based multinational pharmaceutical company).  The report is based on three sections; firstly, a comprehensive analysis of the external factors is provided to assess the macro-environmental impacts through the PESTLE framework, and Porter Five Forces analysis for the industry competitiveness.  Secondly, the […]

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Supply Chain Resilience And COVID-19

1.1.INTRODUCTION This world is faced with unique and complex challenges, which are there to disrupt businesses, lives, and confidence, but firms who can find their legs within these unique and complex situations will always emerge winners. The covid-19 pandemic has triggered a lot of closure in distribution and production, which has caused a lot of […]

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Tourism Crisis Management Toolkit

Global Crises Hall’s (2010) review of crises begins with the impact of the 2007 financial crisis. Following on from this, Hall (ibid) goes on to recount a number of well-known global crises that have had lasting impacts on international passenger flows. At the same time, Tourism has evolved in terms of technologies and new sectors, […]

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Project managing the new Tesla Gigafactory in Texas.

Introduction             Project management is considered to be an important field where the knowledge, skills, techniques and tools enable in meeting the project requirement within the deadline (Radujković and Sjekavica, 2017). The following task reflects on applying the project management skills, techniques and tools to the development of Tesla’s Gigafactory project. Tesla has developed a […]

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Preparing for Success: Knowledge & Creativity – Reflective Essay

In this reflective essay, I will provide my experiences and learning outcomes during the “Preparing for Success: Knowledge & Creativity” module. With the help of class activities and writing skills, this reflective essay will represent the abilities I have managed to instil in myself because of this course. This essay will also discuss my potential […]

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Designing a Matchmaking Business Website – Project Report

Project Schedule Original Gantt Chart – Proposed Schedule Plan of the Project This is the proposed time plan that was initially designed for the project. In this Gantt Chart, there is a specified starting and ending date estimated by the project stakeholders and project team. This proposed timeline of this project was completed during the […]

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The Potential of Developing a Habitable City in the Amazon Basin

Background For my project, I have chosen to research the possibility of designing and constructing a sizeable habitable city in currently uninhabitable regions/foreign places of the planet, focusing on the tropics of the Amazon Basin for its harsh environment and its feasibility for future design development. To put it simply – the construction of a […]

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FY021 Introduction to Business Studies CW1 Portfolio

Report Introduction Human resource management is the organisational practice of managing the workforce for achieving enhanced performance (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Marketing is the business activity of promotion and sales of products through advertising and market research (Babin & Zikmund, 2015). Financial management is an organisational function that deals with the assessment of expenses and […]

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Examining the Impact of Socio-Economic Variables on Fertility Rates

ABSTRACT The paper will first give a brief description of the economy of Malaysia. This will be followed by a discussion of our econometric model. This would include testing the reliability of our model, which may warrant the use of several different tests. We shall also examine the significance of our beta coefficients to determine […]

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Tourism, A Sample Based on Managing Tourism Activity

1. Introduction and Context Istanbul is the most famous city in Turkey that is formerly known as Byzantium and Constantinople. Istanbul is a massively populous economic, cultural and historic centre in Turkey (Alpkokin et al., 2016, p.70). The author further mentioned that Istanbul is one of the largest cities of the world’s population. Moreover, Istanbul […]

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