Frequently Asked Questions

Students often send their queries regarding academic writing services, and we have tried to cover as many questions as possible in our comprehensive guide. Review these FAQs for any problems. If you are unable to find your desired question in this, you can always contact our customer support team and they will be happy to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AssignmentHelpCenter is the best assignment writing website in the United States and worldwide. They have an expert team of writers and offer their customers amazing guarantees and high-quality assignments.

Assignment writing services are legal as long as they operate within the legal framework of their respective countries and adhere to ethical standards. Students must choose a reputable assignment writing service, such as AssignmentHelpCenter.

AssignmentHelpCenter is the best assignment writing service in the USA. With a team of expert and experienced writers for various subjects, they offer top-notch services and high-quality assignments.

The reliability of assignment writing services varies. It’s important to consider factors such as reputation, expertise, guarantees, and pricing before selecting a service. Reviews and feedback from previous customers can also help determine the reliability of an assignment writing service.

AssignmentHelpCenter provides assignment help in all subjects, including but not limited to:

Fill in our simple order form with all the requirements. Our team will get back to you with a quote. If you accept the price, provide further details to help us prepare an impeccable assignment. Pay the price using any payment method, including Bank transfer and PayPal.

Typically, we favor one of the subsequent modes of payment for our services: utilizing our secure Stripe Pay checkout to pay via credit or debit card online, making a direct bank transfer, or using PayPal.

You cannot talk directly with your writer as we support the confidentiality of both our customers and employees. You can, however, send any queries to the customer support team, and they will share them with the concerned person accordingly.

You can instantly calculate prices for our services by visiting our online order form. Multiple factors, including word count, research area, deadline, task complexity, and others, influence the prices provided by our order form.

We provide the option to make payments for all academic services, including assignments, essays, homework, and thesis., in two installments for your convenience. Our online order form allows you to pay the full amount or a 50% advance payment based on your preference. If you choose to pay the 50% advance payment while placing your order, please note that you must clear the remaining balance before the final delivery.

We do not transfer copyright ownership of the work created by our company to you. Nevertheless, we grant you an exclusive license to obtain a copy of the produced work for academic purposes that you can use as a reference. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information regarding copyright concerns.

We deliver through our portal or email. Our delivery plans are tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. We offer customized plans that can accommodate a range of project durations. For example, depending on your requirements, we can complete a semester project in just one week or take up to a year to finish a Ph.D. thesis.

If you wish to request a refund, we prioritize customer satisfaction and will thoroughly investigate the reasons behind your refund request. If your essay did not achieve the expected grade, we kindly ask you to provide us with your completed work so that we can assess if any crucial elements were missing in the final draft. Additionally, we would appreciate receiving feedback from your tutor, enabling our aftercare team to conduct a comprehensive review and enhance the overall customer experience in the future. To cancel an order, kindly contact us before we assign a writer to your project. Simply email us your order number and indicate your desire to cancel the order. We would also appreciate knowing the reasons behind the cancellation, if any. Your cooperation is highly valued, and we are more than willing to assist you.

We write original content and ensure that the content is plagiarism-free using paid online tools, especially Turnitin. We provide a free plagiarism report along with each assignment.

If you are worried about us using AI tools such as ChatGPT or BardAI for your assignments, do not worry. We know that AI content is detectable, and we would not want to do anything to sabotage our business.
You should also know that the latest version of Turnitin can detect AI-generated content to some extent. There are also various tools available online that can easily detect AI content. We are strictly against using AI tools in your academic assignments.

We do not use or support the use of ChatGPT for assignments. Any AI content is detectable, and it is not worth the risk. If you get caught using ChatGPT for assignments, there could be a huge penalty, and your academic life can be in jeopardy.

You can use ChatGPT for your assignments. However, check with your university or college’s regulations if they allow this. If you use ChatGPT illegally, there could be serious consequences. We do not advise the use of ChatGPT for assignments.

AssignmentHelpCenter has the top assignment writers from America to work on your assignments. When you order with us, you should only expect work of the highest quality. Our quality assurance team proofreads and edits every piece of content before making the final delivery.

Here are a few tips to solve your homework effectively.
  • Read and understand the instructions or questions carefully.
  • Break down complex problems into smaller, manageable parts.
  • Conduct thorough research using reliable sources
  • Organize your notes
  • Create an outline or plan
  • Start with easier tasks
  • Allocate enough time for each task
  • Seek help from your teacher, classmates, or online resources if you encounter difficulties.
  • Double-check your work for errors, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  • Review and revise your answers
  • Submit your homework on time

AssignmentHelpCenter offers assignment writing services online. Just fill in our simple order form by providing your requirements, pay, confirm, and relax.

  • Read extensively
  • Practice writing regularly
  • Seek feedback from teachers, peers, or writing tutors
  • Study grammar and punctuation rules
  • Study grammar and punctuation rules
  • Analyze and learn from well-written essays or articles
  • Plan and organize ideas before writing
  • Use varied sentence structures and vocabulary
  • Edit and revise written work for clarity, coherence, and coherence.
  • Pay attention
  • Stay motivated and persistent

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence structure
  • Clarity and coherence
  • Conciseness
  • Tone and style
  • Creativity and originality
  • Research skills
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Adaptability

Introduction – engages the audience
Body – explains your topic
Conclusion – summary of the main point

You can make your assignment look professional by using appropriate formats, adding citations where necessary, choosing a suitable font, following the structure of the assignment, and adding visual aids.

The title for an assignment includes your title, number of assessments, course code and name, due date, full name, and roll number.

A commonly used and recommended font for assignments is Times New Roman, with a font size of 12. It is clear, readable, and widely accepted in academic settings.

An assignment helps students in developing research and critical thinking skills. It also helps learn new facts and learn new unrelated concepts.